CloudQCApp-21st Century Innovative QC / QA / QM Concept – Tablet Inspection App for All Global Brand, Sourcing Office , Retailers, Traders, Importers, Distributors & Manufacturers!

Suitable for All Garment & Textile, Footwear, Fabrics, Fashion Accessories, Toys, Electrical & Electronic, Metalwares, Plastic Products, Ceramic Products, Wooden Pieces, Beauty & Health Items, Jewelry, etc…

  • Handy, Cheap and Powerful ! Android Tablet is robust, versatile and user-friendly.
  • DO ONCE! Task Assignment, Defects Capture and Report Generation can be done in the Tablet at the same time – Save Time and Cost with no repeated data manipulation !
  • Work OFFLINE ! Inspectors can work in offline mode in Tablet Apps, data can be synchronized online to database server with historic versioning when 3G /Wifi is available.
  • BDI (Business Domain Interface) ! Easy to generate any QC E-form and report template without code customization for different domain products.
  • Instant QC Results and Communication! Easy and fast communication platform between on-site QC and QC Manager in office for quick decision making.
  • QC Data Communication Model ! It can be used as a cost-effective and systematic standardized data communication platform between the clients and their factories.

Advanced Features of CloudQCApps

  • AutoSync Data – Data are easily auto-sync between QC App & QC Centre. Inspector can work offline and upload data when 3G or Wifi network is available.
  • Standardize Workflow – Inspectors and QC Manager can easily assign, process, reallocate, and approve QC jobs. Management can make quick decision.
  • AQL Standard – Follow international sampling standard and auto-calculate sample sizes by set AQLs.
  • Complete QC Data – QC data input, defects capture (by text, images, video clips) and QC report generation are done at the same tablet device.
  • Electronic Signature (GPS) – Effective data communication among Company, Client & Factory with E-Signature (GPS).
  • Customizable E-form – QC can easily select different QCE-forms for different product categories or clients.
  • QC Reports & Statistics – Can generate different kinds of customerized QC reports and KPI management reports

QC KPI Management Reports for Quality Improvement

  • Inspection Status Report
  • Inspector Workload Report
  • Product Defect Analysis Report
  • Factory Performance Report
  • Monthly QC Time Allocation Report
  • Monthly Inspection Allocation & Productivity Summary
  • Year-To-Date (YTD) Top 10 Major Defect Types Report

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