Santo Aguila Consultants Limited (SAC) is a professional business IT solution consultancy agent and global software providers since 2007. We are specialized in business process re-engineering  & improvement, data mining & knowledge management using innovative information technology. 

From 2010, with the latest rapid mobile technology and VR/AR/MR technology development, our major business solution focuses are the R&D on professional mobile apps and data visualization tools for various business and industrial sectors.

The company has developed over 100 mobile application and database projects.  We have several tens of SMEs and Corporate clients in Asia and from overseas.  Our total number of staff today has increased from 25 to 35 in Hong Kong and mainland China in the last 2 financial years .


Our Founder, Dr. S L Chan has more than 20 years of business and consulting experience in information technology strategies, planning and operations. He is the former co-founder and CEO of a famous award-winning IT company  in Hong Kong.

Headquarters (Hong Kong)

  • Dr. S L Chan, Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Chris Kwok, Group Adviser, UK
  • C L Tang,  Business Development Director
  • Candy Ng,  Project Manager
  • Sandy Chan, Sr. Software Architect
  • Timmy Leung, Technical Support Leader

Zhuhai Development Centre (China)

  • TJ Huang, Technical Development Director
  • Z H Chen, Business Development Director
  • Jeff Feng, Sr. Software Architect

SAC team members have strong IT R&D ability of highly motivated IT experts from the universities and software industries with proven experience and track record.  We collaborates with the Application Consultants in different industries to bring maximum value to our business clients.