SAC Managed Outsourcing Services

Now, more than ever, organizations of all sizes are under pressure to boost productivity by optimizing business processes and IT systems. That’s where SAC Managed Services can help.SAC Managed Services delivers full-scope hosting and application management services to help you derive maximum value from your SAC solutions.

With SAC Managed Services, you benefit from timely, comprehensive service; expertise on demand; and integrated support for all business processes. So you can concentrate on your business, while our qualified experts help you plan, build, and run your SAC systems.Developed to meet your changing business requirements, SAC Managed Services provides you with access to the applications and infrastructure required to make your business successful from individual components to SAC various Solution Sets, a comprehensive family of adaptive business applications.

We offer reliable, scalable service; up-to-date expertise; and cost transparency for projects of all sizes and scope from small, straightforward projects to long-term service partnerships. Our services portfolio includes:

  • Hosting : Hosting services provide you with access to applications, and the infrastructure they require, to make your critical business systems deliver for your organization.
  • SAC Application Management : The SAC Application Management service manages, optimizes, and constantly improves SAC-based application landscapes in part or as a whole anytime, anywhere.