Mobile Business Apps Focus

With current rapid mobile Phone and Tablets technology, one of our R&D focuses is on innovative Mobile Business Apps solution for various business sectors. We have designed innovative Mobile Business KC (Knowledge Categorization) Android Apps Mobile series for Garment and Trading aligned to business processes such as Materials Sourcing, Sample Making, Quality Control, Logistics , etc. for the achievement of effective daily operation and advanced enterprises knowledge management.

Areas of Mobile Expertise

  • Social Networking
  • Mobile interfaces for enterprise systems
  • e-commerce, payment systems
  • GPS, Location Based Services
  • Rich content delivery and streaming video
  • Complex graphics, 2D and 3D
  • Mobile ads
  • Marketing apps

Mobile Solution Engagement Approach

  • Fixed-scope and dedicated team models
  • White- label option for clients of digital agencies
  • Real-time design mockups, quick prototyping
  • Proof of concept (including for fund raising purposes)
  • Focus in usability, rigorous QA
  • Agile development methodology
  • On-site/off-site approach for optimal communications