Case Study: QC Apps for Global Leading Fashion Brand and Chain Stores


  • Headquarter : California, USA, with 10+ Worldwide Merchandising Offices in Mexico, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Hong Kong
  • 300+ Garment Suppliers in US, European and Asia Countries
  • 50+ In-House and Outsourcing Garment Inspectors
  • 800-1,000 Fashion Styles and Sales Orders Per Month
  • 2,000 – 3,000 QC Reports Per Month
  • Centralised IT Team focus in Network Infrastructure

GAP in Existing Quality Control Processes

  • Quality Control Process is Manual and Data Sharing is Slow!
  • Quality Control Reports for Customers are Handwritten and in Basic EXCEL format, Data Presentation and Result Interpretation are Not Systematic!
  • Inspectors Spend Too Much Time (Normally ½ day) to Prepare QC Reports with 100+ Images after On-site Inspection!
  • Customers Complain on QC Reports, Frequent Delays and Inconsistent!
  • Managers Being Chased Constantly on Decisions, External and Internal!
  • QC Analysis Reports Preparation Time is 1 week to 10 days!
  • QC Changes Tedious to Upgrade, Implement and Ramp In!
  • Save Time: Increase Daily Productivity of Inspectors and Reduce Data Entry and Manipulating Time!
  • Strengthen Process: Standardize QC Checkpoints, Defect Codes, Early Alerts, etc!
  • Real Time Reports: QC Reports are Ready Real Time for Suppliers, Customers and Managers!
  • Big Data Availability: All Historical QC Data are Accessible 24/7, so are the Analysis & Trend KPI Reports!


  • Report Automation on Various Reports Over 2000/month
    • QC Reporting Time Reduces from Average 90 mins to 30 secs
    • Intelligent Big Data Analysis During Off Work Hours
  • Strengthen Workflow and Eliminate Human Input Problems
    • Reduce Staff Training Effort, Improve their Confidence
    • Do ONCE : No Data Re-input to avoid Human Errors
  • Save QC Time and Cost
    • QC Inspectors – QC Productivity Increased Significantly
    • QC Manager – Accurate KPI Reports created within 15 mins
  • Resource Planning and Assessments
    • People – QC Staff Workload Scheduling and Performance Assessments
    • Contractors – Analysis on Defects Pattern and Failures Trend, Allowing
      Tight and Precise Quality Assurance on Inbound Services and Supplies
Customer Feedback : QC Department Costs Reduced by 33% !!